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Ard Al-bawbab Trading And Services Company Limited is a Sudanese registered company specialising in the harvesting, collection, extraction and export of Organic Wild-Picked Baobab fruit Pulp , Fruit powder and baobab seeds from Sudan to global markets. 

Our Baobab fruit powder is unique as it has been scientifically proven to contain higher levels of nutrients compared with Baobab from other regions.

Ard Al-bawbab Trading has extensive experience in this field and we have forged relationships with farmers, homestead owners and communities in remote parts of the Republic of Sudan (baobab land ).

 Our knowledge and experience ensures maximum benefit for communities and affordable raw material prices for consumers so that consumers all over the world can benefit from natural WILD HARVEST nutrition of Baobab , Super fruit.

Our Mission

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It is to provide natural nutritious products to our customers from all over the world in an effective way. We would like to see people in these regions and all over the world enjoying good physical and mental health as they provide natural and organic products of high quality and in an environmentally friendly way.

Why Choose Us

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We are a reliable service trading company that seeks to provide agricultural products with high quality and value. The company has taken upon itself to provide natural and organic products of high quality, we have taken a group of farmers and trained them to provide good products constantly and this is done in strict tracking to achieve quality and all this with the help of interested inspectors, making sure that Our products do not lose quality during shipment, we attach great importance to providing a good product with long shelf life. This makes our company a reputable agricultural product company.

Other reasons for choosing us:

  - We are an accredited and registered company.

   - Only  products are only normal

   - We enjoy fast delivery 

   - Fast and friendly customer service

Our Social Responsibility

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We are very keen to provide support to the vulnerable sectors of the rural community that we target, by providing training and organization in order to work on the sustainability of natural resources that have been affected by wars and work to renew them, especially perennial baobab trees by working to encourage everyone to grow more.

In a special way, we want to market their own products of baobab (hibiscus), hibiscus, sesame, honey, dried tamarind, melon seeds, olibanum (frankincense), peanuts, medicinal and aromatic herbs.

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