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Gum Arabic


Gum Arabic is a natural vegetal resin obtained from two different species of Acacia trees naturally grown in the “Gum Belt”, especially in the Sudanese region.

This resin is produced in order to heal the cuttings made on the tree trunks, when in contact with the air this liquid becomes a glass like hard gum with high viscosity harvested during the dry season between November and April.

After the harvest, Gum Arabic tears are still soft and have to dry under the sun before the sorting, packing, storage, transport and export.

It is commonly known as E414 as additive in the food industry.

It is 100% natural, 100% high soluble dietary fiber, multifunctional, healthy, GMO free, gluten free, allergen-free and suitable for a vegan diet.

Colourless, odourless and tasteless.

We now offer Gum Arabic as raw material and as a processed product in kosher, halal and organic certified qualities.


According to the International food additive standards we source Gum Arabic from 2 species of acacia trees:

  • Senegal Kordofan (Hashab, Verek)

  • Seyal Talha

Raw Gum

  • Cleaned: nodules

  • Kibbled: tears with tailor made mesh size (2-6 mm, 2-10 mm…)

  • HPS: hand picked selected nodules

  • Siftings



  •  Mechanical: pulverized, 100 microns

  •  Micronized: 60 microns

  •  Spray-Dried: purified, pasteurized, fast-soluble



As texturizer, barrier and film-building agent, coating agent, fat and sugar separating agent in chewing-gum, sugar almonds, jellies.

As emulsifier, stabilizer, suspending agent in flavours and soft drinks, smoothies, clarified or cloudy juices basis.

As stabilizer and clearing agent in wine, emulsifier and foam stabilizer in beer.

Dairy products and sauces

As emulsifier, binder, stabilizer, suspending agent for dairies, desserts, dressings, dips, sauces.

Bakery products

For improved moisture properties, improved freezing properties, softer texture, crispier crust.

Diabetic and dietetic food

As fibre enrichment, for reduction of the nutritional value, for prebiotic properties.

Pharma and Cosmetics

As film-building and coating agent, binder, thickener for pills, tablet, capsules.
As stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener, texturier for creams, lotions, facial masks.

Technical applications

As emulsifier, suspending and stabilizing agent for printing inks, water colours, restoration products.

  • encapsulating agent for pigment powders

  • adhesive for cigarette paper and glues

  • thickener and binding agent for glues

  • stiffening agent in textile

  • thickener in fishing and animal feed

  • binder in fireworks

Gum Arabic 100% Natural
Gum Arabic

Types and grades of Gum Arabic 

Grade 1:  Hashab (Acacia Senegal):

Hashab known as hard gum for its glassy fracture is a pale to orange-brown colored solid substance, which consists of 85% of soluble dietary fibre and is known for many uses such as acting like a stabilizer for beverage emulsions and food items.

General specifications of Hashab grades:

  •  Hand Picked Selected: 16mm & above.



Talha known as Flaky gum for its easy to crumble to powder is a yellow brown colored solid substance and is very soluble in water.

General specifications of Talha grades:

  • Cleaned: 4mm & above.

  • Sifting: 0.5mm – 4mm.

  •  Dust: 0- 0.5mm.


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