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Image by Roman Synkevych
Agricultural research
Baobab tree cultivation development

Our agricultural research includes preserving the tree from extinction because the door gate is considered one of the trees prone to extinction, we seek in this company to do a comprehensive census of the baobab trees in the region and assess the state of the trees and know the ownership of each tree and its geographical distribution and knowledge of annual production and all of that in order to organize and preserve these valuable trees and produce Strong new strains.
Without a doubt, we will benefit from the research and experience of previous countries, organizations and universities, and we welcome all those who can help

Sanation Services
Rural areas services
Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR)

Our goal is to improve the people of the area (the main habitat of the baobab tree) and create an economic impact by making use of the available resources to increase income and save the tree from extinction. And everything that would serve the citizen and the region, "Southern Kordofan State"

Image by Andy Li
To and from Sudan
Image by Kimberly Farmer
Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR)

Establish vocational institutes for vocational training in the fields of agriculture, industry and all related fields
Organizing training courses and workshops in coordination with the organizations operating in the region, and this is an invitation to all organizations to help us in this service

We import the following:

  • Solar energy systems

  • Medical disposables

  • Fertilizers and agricultural seeds

  • Pesticide

  • First aid tools

    We Exports:

  • Baobab Dried Fruit Pulp

  • Baobab Fruit powder

  • Sudanese Origin

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